TRAVIAN Task or Quest 21 : Military

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Task 21: Military
A brave choice. To build troops you need a barracks.

Order: Build barracks.
Task reward: lumber 70 clay 100 iron 90 getreide.gif 100

Task 22: Train. 
Now that you have a barracks, you can start training troops. 
Train two Troops (based on your tribe).
Order: Train 2 Troops
Task reward: lumber 300 clay 320 iron 360 getreide.gif 570

Romans Tribe - Train 2 Legionaires / Gauls tribe - Train 2 Phalanxes / Teutons - Train 2 Clubswingers

Task 23: Build a Wall.
Now that you have trained some soldiers, you should build a city wall / earth wall / palisade too. It increases the base defence and your soldiers will receive a defensive bonus.” 

Order: Build a city wall / earth wall / palisade.
Task reward: lumber 200 clay 120  iron 180 getreide.gif 80

Romans Tribe - Build a city wall / Gauls tribe - Build a palisade / Teutons - Build an earth wall

From here on!!
You can decide yourselves in which order you want to finish your tasks.
You will get a list with open tasks and can choose one to work on:

Task 24: Everything to 2!
Now it's time again to extend the cornerstones of might and wealth! This time level 1 is not enough... it will take a while but in the end it will be worth it. Expand all your resource tiles to level 2.

Order: Expand all resource tiles to level 2. 
Task reward: 15 Gold

Task 25: Marketplace to level 1. 
Now its time to get your economy up. Build a level 1 marketplace.

Order: Build a marketplace. 
Reward: lumber 140 clay 200 iron 180 getreide.gif 200

Task 26: Embassy
The world of Travian is dangerous. You already built a Cranny to protect your resources against attackers. A good alliance will give you even better protection. 
To accept invitations from alliances, build an embassy.

Order: Build an embassy. 
Reward: lumber 200 clay 120 iron 180 getreide.gif 80

Task 27: Alliance
Teamwork is important in Travian. Players who work together organise themselves in alliances. Get an invitation from an alliance in your region and join this alliance. Alternatively, you can found your own alliance. To do this, you need a level 3 embassy.

Order: Join an alliance or found one on your own. 
Reward for joining an alliance: lumber 240 clay 280 iron 180 getreide.gif 100

Task 28: 10 Adventures!
You can always find new adventures on the map. Master 10 to become an experienced hero. As your adventures progress, they will become more and more difficult. Remember to add some points to your hero's fighting strength, so he doesn't die as easily. The stronger he is, the more resilient an adventurer he will become!

Order: Survive 10 adventures.
Reward: 500 silver

Task 29: Main Building to Level 5.
To be able to build a palace or residence, you´ll need a main building at level 5.

Order: Upgrade your main building to level 5. 
Reward: lumber 600 clay 750 iron 600 getreide.gif 300

Task 30: Granary to Level 3.
That you don´t lose crop, you should upgrade your granary.

Order: Upgrade your granary to level 3. 
Reward: lumber 900 clay 850 iron 600 getreide.gif 300

Task 31: Warehouse to Level 7.
To make sure your resources won't overflow, you should upgrade your warehouse.

Order: Upgrade your warehouse to level 7. 
Reward: lumber 1800 clay 2000 iron 1650 getreide.gif 800

Task 32: All to five.
You will always need more resources. Resource tiles are quite expensive but will always pay out in the long term.

Order: Upgrade all resources tiles to level 5. 
Reward: lumber 1600 clay 1800 iron 1950 getreide.gif 1200

Task 33: Palace or Residence? 
Now its time to get your economy up. Build a level 1 marketplace.
Order: Build a marketplace. 

Reward: lumber 140 clay 200 iron 180 getreide.gif 200

Task 34: 3 settlers.
To found a new village, you´ll need settlers. You can train them in the palace or residence.
Order: Train 3 settlers. 
Reward: lumber 1050 clay 800 iron 900 getreide.gif 750

Task 35: New Village. 
There are a lot of empty tiles on the map. Find one that suits you and found a new village.

Order: Found a new village. 
Reward: lumber 1600 clay 2000 iron 1800 getreide.gif 1300

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